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DRILL "High speed passing, shoot, and rebound"
Title:High speed passing, shoot, and rebound
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Initially, all players are behind the cons, except 2 players (one assister for each side, in front of each row). The first player of each row has a ball. The player with the ball, passes it to his frontal partner, cut to the basket, and his partner returns him the ball for a shot. Both players go for the rebound.

If the shooter catches the rebound, the assister follows with the same paper, and the shooter goes behind the other con.

If the assister catches the rebound, he goes behind the other con, and the shooter becomes assister at the same side.

Goals / purpose / skills
work on high speed passing, catch and shoot, and fight for the rebound.
The assister can become defender, and play 1 vs. 1 with rebound.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
- quick and accurate passes.
- learn to follow your shot
- fight for rebound and position
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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