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DRILL "2-2 3 Point Shooting Game"
Title:2-2 3 Point Shooting Game
Author:FE Administrator
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In this shooting drill there are 4 players divided in to 2 teams of 2. One team is on offence and one on defence. The two offensive players are positioned behind the 3 point line, and the two defenders under the basket. The game starts with a 3 point shot from either of the offensive players. If he scores, they stay on offence and get one point. If he misses the shot, the two defenders under the basket have one try each to tip the ball in to the basket. If they miss, they stay on defence. On a score, they get 2 points and switch to offence.
The shooters have to take turns to shoot 3 point shots. Layups or 2 point shots are not allowed. If the shooters shoot an air ball, they have to immediately swap their positions with the defence. The game lasts until one team reaches 21 points. When a team has 20 points, they have to finish with a 3 point shot to win the game. If the defending team scores when the offensive team has 20 points, the offensive team goes back to 11 points and the game continues.
Goals / purpose / skills
Fun shooting game.
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