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DRILL "2 ball handling"
Title:2 ball handling
Author:kootsj K
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- Forwards and guards
- Two or more players
- 2 balls per player

· Players must aim the basic technique of dribbling reasonable master: let dribble players feel. If you are training at the same time with two balls it is easier with one ball

1. Follow the leader:
· The leader dribbles in place with variations: high-low, right-wrong, 8s · other players do that after

Teaching points:
· The ball look around at the leader
2. Half field back and forth:
· Always start with 5 hard equal dribbles in place
2.1 equal dribbles
2.2 unequal dribbles
2.3 zigzag with crossover
2.4 zigzag between the legs
2.5 zigzag behind the back

Teaching points:
· Lets players practice at the beginning at their own pace
· As they become better individually increasing the pace
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