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DRILL "Triangle Rebounding to Transition"
Title:Triangle Rebounding to Transition
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3 offensive players at the guard and the wing spots with 3 defensive players guarding them. Offence is stationary and moves the ball. Defence allows passes and moves according to the position of the ball (like shell drill). After a signal from the coach, the offence shoots and goes for the offensive rebound. Defence allows the shot and boxes out trying to get the defensive rebound. If the offence gets the rebound, they try to score in the 3v3. On a defensive rebound or change of possession, offence plays transition defence and the rebounder / inbounder passes to one of the outlets while the other two sprint the outside lanes. The rebounder / inbounder and the other outlet are the 1st and 2nd trailer going 5v3. If defence gets the ball, they pass to one of the outlets and go 5v5. After players go up and down the drill is set up again, with teams alternating on offence.
Goals / purpose / skills
This combination drill teaches defensive positioning according to the position of the ball, rebounding, transition defence, and (organised) fastbreak.
Have teams run your early offence or other plays in the 5v5. You may also use a 6 to 8 second shot clock in the 5v3 transition to really have players RUN the break.
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