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DRILL "1 on 1 from the wing with passer"
Title:1 on 1 from the wing with passer
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O2 is the passer and starts on the guard position and we have O1 and X1 playing against each other. The passer is only aloud to pass after 2 V-cuts and X1 has to play full defense all the time. After the pass O1 and X1 play live until the shot. After the shot or drive X1 boxes out O1. After the pass O2 goes to the offensive line and X1 goes to the passer line while O1 becomes the new defender.
Goals / purpose / skills
Practice off ball and on ball defense.
Play until score. Only give points for defensive stops. If there is a stop defense stays. If not, offense becomes the new defender.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Foot alignment, no fouls by reaching. Force the offense to make a difficult finish.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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