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DRILL "Pass, Defend the Pass"
Title:Pass, Defend the Pass
Author:FE Administrator
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Passing - Fundamental
Form two lines of players facing one another, about 4m apart. Have one ball at the front of a line. X1 will pass the ball across to O2 and follow his pass to put defensive pressure on O2. O2 cannot dribble and is attempting to make a successful pass across to O3 without the ball being touched or deflected by X1. X1 is 'mirroring' the ball with his hands and trying to deflect the pass or at least touch it. Continue.
Goals / purpose / skills
On-ball defensive pressure and passing against pressure.
Define a fixed area with lines and allow one dribble. The receiver is allowed to move only one step from his original spot to receive the ball. Defender can also get a five second count on the passer.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Emphasise to the defender to put maximum ball pressure on the passer without reaching and fouling. 'Mirror' the ball and harass the passer. The passer must learn to use ball fakes, eye fakes, his pivot foot and proper passing technique to make a successful pass around, under or over the defender. If the defender touches the pass, the passer does one push-up, and if not, the defender does one push-up.
Players / Coaches
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