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DRILL "Defensive Lane Slides"
Title:Defensive Lane Slides
Author:FE Administrator
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Picture 1: Each player commences at the low block, and performs a closeout up the lane to a Coach (or imaginary player) at the top of the key. Then they drop step and slide to the corner where again they contest a Coach (or imaginary player) before sliding back to the low block. Repeat continuously at least three times before the next player goes through the same slides. Coaches are optional (use managers, practice players, or no one).
Goals / purpose / skills
Work on correct footwork for closeouts, shot contests, and staying low when performing defensive slides.
Increase or decrease repetitions as required. Can be used as a pre season conditioner if required.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Always use 2 players at every half court you have available in your gym - have as few players standing and waiting as possible.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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