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DRILL "Full Court Passing Drill"
Title:Full Court Passing Drill
Author:FE Administrator
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2 offensive players try to score at the opposite basket. The defence tries to deflect the ball. If the defence get the ball the offensive players have to sprint right away to the opposite baseline and back. If the offense misses a layup, they will do push ups. Coach will choose new defensive players.

There are many variations to make this drill more difficult:

Picture 1: 3 defensive players in the circles. They cannot leave their circles. They must always have at least one foot in the circle. They try to get the ball or deflect it out of bounds. Offensive players can only take one dribble when they get the ball.

Graphic 2: The 3 defensive players get a bigger area to defend the ball. Use existing lines onthe court (e.g. volleyball or badminton lines) instead of cones.

Graphic 3: 3 offensive players and 2 defensive players in each area.
Goals / purpose / skills
Teach good passing.
- Touching the ball by the defensive players is enough.
- Offensive players cannot dribble.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Coaches must watch for travelling.
Players / Coaches
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