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DRILL "1x1 after Extrapass + Close-out" VERSION
Title:1x1 after Extrapass + Close-out
Version no. 2
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O1 opens to the left side to receive a pass from O2. O2 moves to the other side.
O1 penetrates baseline to pass to O2s movement to the corner. In the mean time, O3 opens to the side of O2 to receive a extra-pass and O1 goes to defend O3. O3 plays a 1v1 against O1.
To continue the drill, O2 cuts to the left side to receive the ball from O4. O3 takes the ball and O1 goes to the line without it
Goals / purpose / skills
Pass to the deep movement and practice the Extra-pass
1v1 against Close-out until 5 points
It can be used to generate a 2v1 situation on the other side
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Pass with one hand to the corner. Extra-pass fast
Attack the close-out or shoot, don't doubt
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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