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DRILL "5 by 4 post drill"
Title:5 by 4 post drill
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This is a drill to teach low post moves and it is a good conditioner.

Graphic 1:

O1 and O2 line up on the wings each with a ball.

O3 starts the drill in the low post. He recieves a pass from the wing and executes a low post move, after the shot he rebounds the ball and outlets it to the passer. he moves on the other low post and executes the same move.

One move is executed 4 times (twice each side).

Execute 5 different moves in a row: Drop step power up, one dribble babyhook, up and under, turnaround jump shot and reverse pivot jump shot;

then rotate the players.
Goals / purpose / skills
Create routine for your post players scoring the basketball.
Use different post moves.

Use a fourth player to challenge the shot.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Have players repeat on every miss.

stress the proper techniques and maximum concentration on every attempt
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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