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DRILL "The Crocodile Passing Drill"
Title:The Crocodile Passing Drill
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Divide the players into two teams (you can do it with as few as 4 players and as many as 16). Every player should have one ball each. If you have balls to spare, they can be given to the teams as extra ammunition. You should have one ball that does no look like the others as "the crocodile". The idea is to throw passes at the crocodile making it "pass the river and eat the other team." The "river lines" can be anywhere on the court depending on how far your players can make accurate and strong passes.
Goals / purpose / skills
This is a little game for practicing passes, but most of all for fun.
If you use a lighter and softer ball (than a basketball) as the crocodile it will take a lot of the time making it harder to hit.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
This game is probably best suited for U10, but a U12 team will still have fun. The only skill involved is passing, so make sure they are good.
Players / Coaches
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