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DRILL "PG pressure drill "
Title:PG pressure drill
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Two players play 1on1 from half court line. The area is limited by cones-offense can not go outside the designated area.Coach is standing under the basket. Offense player has to keep the dribble alive and under the pressure show to coach 10 signs of set offense(1,2,3,4,5,head,horns,shirt,fist,motion) without loosing the ball.
Offense player has to yell it out loud so that coach can hear it. After the last sign both players go live 1on1. If offense player turns the ball over, defense gets an extra point and gains possession. Offense player looses a point if a coach doesn't hear or see the sign of set offense.
Goals / purpose / skills
This drill is good for conditioning and teaches PG how to organize the offense under the pressure and when he is tired. Develops ability to handle the ball and organize offense by making sure that every teammate knows what they will play. Develops 1on1 defense. Players learn to play 1on1 when they are fatigue.
Coach shows signs of set offense and player has to repeat them.
Can be played till 7 or 11 points.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Make sure offense player always sees coach who is under the basket.
Don't let PG organize with a back to the basket.
Offense player has to protect the ball with either one hand or body.
Make sure offense player uses different ways to relieve the pressure(crossover, spin, behind the back, jab step, aggressive dribble)
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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