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DRILL "1-0 Backdoor Cut"
Title:1-0 Backdoor Cut
Author:FE Administrator
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This drill simulates a strong deny play on the wing position. O1 fakes with a slow movement towards the ball that he wants the ball. After that he cuts as quickly as he can straight to the basket, receives the pass from the coach and finishes with a layup.
Goals / purpose / skills
Fundamental exercise to get open and receive the ball under strong defensive pressure.
- If the player performs the exercise correctly, he should practice the movement against a defender. At the beginning the defender should work at half speed.
- The player should also practice the backdoor jump shot. In a real game it often happens that on the backdoor cut there is help from the helpside defender (Picture 2).
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
The steps towards the ball is slow and is are useful to position the defender. The cut to the basket must be an explosive movement to get rid of the defender. Emphasise correct footwork technique, timing and speed.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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