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DRILL "Feed the Post 4-0"
Title:Feed the Post 4-0
Author:FE Administrator
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Passing - One-Handed
The drill begins with O5 on the low block, a player at each wing free throw line extended, and O2 at the top of the key. The ball starts on one of the wings. The wing passes to the low post, the post player drop steps for a power layup, gets their own rebound and outlet passes to the opposite wing. The ball is passed to the top and then to the next person in line who in turn feeds the post. After each pass, the player will follow their pass to take up a new position. O2 goes to the back of the line (if there are more than 4 players).
Goals / purpose / skills
This drill emphasises post moves, feeding the post, outlet passing and perimeter passing.
Try this drill from different spots on the floor. Post players can work on different moves. Adding a defender into the rotation makes this drill more realistic. The defender can front, 3/4 front, half front or play behind the post. This allows wing players to work on different entry passes and post players to work on different moves.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Emphasise passing the ball to the post player so that they can score. The post player should show a hand where they want the ball and call for the ball. Outlet passes should be two-handed overhead passes. Post players should get position and go up strong.
Players / Coaches
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