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DRILL "Circle Fake"
Title:Circle Fake
Author:FE Administrator
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Related Fundamentals
Passing - One-Handed
3 or 4 players stand staggered evenly around the free throw or half court circle. 1 foot in the circle, 1 foot outside. One defender is in the middle. The players must move the ball quickly, faking and passing. If a foot inside is lifted or the defender intercepts or holds for a jumpball the player involved and the defender switch roles.
Goals / purpose / skills
Pass Faking & Protection Drill.
Helps players to understand pass fakes and the importance of keeping the ball moving.
Add in a bounce pass or modify the rules to help the defender or make it tougher.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Keys are quick accurate passing with quick pass fakes. Good for post players who have trouble keeping possesion of the ball in the key.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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