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DRILL "Team Shooting w/ Free Throw Penalty"
Title:Team Shooting w/ Free Throw Penalty
Author:FE Administrator
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The team is divided in three groups of the same size. The players of each group queue up at their shooting spots. The drill starts on a signal from the coach. The first player of each team shoots the ball, gets his own rebound and passes the ball to the same line. After that he runs to the back of that line. The next player shoots the ball, gets his own rebound and passes the ball back to his line and so on. If the player misses a shot he has to rebound and pass his own ball, then run to the other basket and shoot a free throw. He shoots free throws until he scores one. Only when he scores can he go back to his line. Every made shot will count for 1 point. This shooting drill will last until one group reaches 21 points. The losing teams have penalties. Shooting spot positions should be changed every round.
Goals / purpose / skills
Team shooting.
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Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Care should be taken that shots are executed correctly. The players should not hurry their shot. The players should follow their shot at full speed, grab the rebound and make a good pass to their teammates.
Players / Coaches
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