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DRILL "1 Minute Speed Layup Drill"
Title:1 Minute Speed Layup Drill
Author:FE Administrator
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Shooting - Penetration Moves
O1 has a basketball and stands to the left of the basket. Coach says 'GO' and player shoots a layup (using the backboard) from the left side. Make or miss he goes to the right side. He continues to alternate sides, team counts how many are made in one minute. Coach may decide to give stronger players 45 seconds, weaker players 1 minute +.
Goals / purpose / skills
Full speed layups using the backboard.
Instead of alternating sides: Right side for one minute. Left side for one minute. This is a great drill to practice at home with a friend or a parent. Have players keep records of their personal best, and keep trying to get better!
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Discourage dribbling between shots. We do not want young players developing the bad habit of putting the ball down in the key. It enhances the skill of getting the rebound and putting it right back up.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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