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DRILL "mid post reverse pivot 1-1 (by Ton Kallenberg)"
Title:mid post reverse pivot 1-1 (by Ton Kallenberg)
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O1 passes the ball from the elbow position (high post) to the forward O2 on wing position. Then he cuts to the bucket trying to take the defender X1 with him (eventually back door cut). At the mid post position he makes a reverse pivotmove towards the ball in order to be in a good position to receive the ball.
When O1 receives the ball on a mid-post-position he plays a 1-1 against X1.

Rotation: if the defender has the rebound or an interception he goes to the position of O2; in that case O1 will become the defender and O2 will be the O1 offender. When O1 scores, then X1 stays as defender and O2 will be the O1 offender; O1 becomes O2.
Goals / purpose / skills
for the offender O1: post up and reverse pivot and getting the right position
for the defender X1: denial and front the cutter
* left - right side of the bucket
* in a 2 on 2 situation (forward-center play)
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
* use this exercise in combination with center power moves
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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