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DRILL "5 Man Weave / 3 on 2 / 2 on 1"
Title:5 Man Weave / 3 on 2 / 2 on 1
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The drill begins with a 5 Man Weave to focus on teamwork, passing the ball and moving as one unit up the court. The Weave finishes with a shot and the passer and shooter hustle back to play defense. Our objective in the 3 on 2 is to get a layup or a short jump shot. In the 2 on 1, our objective is to put the ball in the finisher’s hands, think layup and rebound any miss.

• In the 5 Man Weave, we throw to the middle and go “two out” (go behind the player you passed to and one more man)
• Players continue passing the player and go "two out".
• The weave portion of the drill ends with a shot.
• After the shot, the last passer and shooter hustle back to defend the 3 on 2 fast break. The other three players are on offense.
• In the 3 on 2 break, we are looking for a layup first or a short jumper if we can’t get the layup
• After the shot, players go the other direction in a 2 on 1 break.
• The shooter who scores the bucket in the 3 on 2 hustles back and becomes the defender in the 2 on 1. In this situation, we are looking for a layup only
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• Spacing is the single most important commodity in any offensive situation. Make sure the middle man stays above the foul line with the ball. The more space you have, the more angles you have to get to the basket, or create the pass that leads to the basket.
• While it’s acceptable to settle for a short jumper in a 3 on 2, we want to maintain our aggressive mentality in getting the ball to the basket. We want to instill and cultivate that aggressive offensive mindset. Get it to the basket!
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