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DRILL "3 Men weave + 2 Shooters"
Title:3 Men weave + 2 Shooters
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Criss cross with 3 athletes. 3 players start at Baseline (left/middle/right) . Ball is in the middle. Pass to his right and then run behind the receiver to the sideline. receiver dribbles to the middle of the court and passes to the player on the left. After the pass, the passer pushes behind the receiver to the other sideline. keep pushing till one player can go for a layup. the other player pop out left and right and get each feeded with a pass from the baseline for an outside jumper.

The next three athletes at the Baseline continue the drill by grabbing the first rebound and attacking the other basket by running criss cross
Goals / purpose / skills
crossing sideline to sideline (Like in transition)
12 Players can criss cross through each other
Tips / Hints / Emphasis There are no data
Players / Coaches
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