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DRILL "Quick passing Drill"
Title:Quick passing Drill
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This is a full court drill for quick passing. O1 passes to O2, who finishes with a layup. O1 fills up O2´s spot. After the layup O2 has to sprint across the court to get the rebound on the other basket. O3 gets the rebound and gives an outlet pass to O1, who passes to O5 for the layup. O3 fills up the spot in the middle of the court, O1 stays and is the next guy with the layup, and O4 fills up the spot from O5 and gets the next outlet pass and so on.
Players have to make 9-11 layups in 1 minute depending on their abilities.
Ball may never touch the ground!
No dribbling!
Goals / purpose / skills
Quick, but still precise passing to score on the other side of the court
Players have to give hard passes in order not to lose any time
Variations There are no data
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
No soft passes
Don´t hold the ball longer than half a second
Communication (Outlet! Ball! Name!)
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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