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DRILL "2-2 Rebounding Drill w/ Coach"
Title:2-2 Rebounding Drill w/ Coach
Author:FE Administrator
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This drill involves four players. Two on defense and two on offence. The defensive players turn their back to the basket and the two offensive players are facing the basket. The drill begins with the coach shooting from the free throw line. O1 and O2 try as hard as possible to get the rebound. X1 and X2 have to box out, protect the basket and grab the rebound. After that they pass the ball back to the coach and the drill continues. Offensive players are switching to defence and the defenders become offence.
Goals / purpose / skills
Improve rebounding techniques from the free throw line.
Boxout Switch: As the coach shoots the the ball, X1 has to move to O2 and box him out, X2 has to move to O1 and box him out.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Be sure of correct execution by the defenders and motivate the offence (for example: if they get the rebound they stay on offence) to give their best effort to go to get the ball.
Players / Coaches
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