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DRILL "Seven Dreams"
Title:Seven Dreams
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Diagram 1): A coach has the ball in guard position, and the defensive player denial on the wing. The offensive player only work in V-cut, L-cut or U-cut for a reception. If he receives, catch the ball, faces the rim and return the ball to coach.

Diagram 2): The coach starts to penetrate from the top of the key. The defensive player fake help to stop the drive and quick recover. The coach pass the ball to wing player and the defense close out. The offense returns the ball to coach.

Diagram 3): The coach drive to the wing and the offensive player goes to play in low post. The defender overplay the pass to the post.

Diagram 4): The offensive player goes through to the weak side of the floor in the wing. The defender plays help defense when pass the rim-to-rim lane.

Diagram 5): The coach made a skip pass to the offensive player and the defender move with the ball and close out (and, if possible, steals the ball).

Diagram 6): The offensive player throws the ball back to the coach. The defender resumes her help defense (move with the ball). The offensive player cuts to the ball with the defender denying the pass.

Diagram 7): The offensive player works to receive the ball in her strong position (guard, wing or post) and when he receipt the ball play 1-on-1.
Goals / purpose / skills
In one drill play all the possible positions on the floor defense.
Change the coach for a player with another player in soft defense.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Overplay the passing lane in denial wing or post.

Help and qick recover in fake the trap.

"Move with the ball" in help position.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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