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DRILL "Backup Dribble Drill Full Court"
Title:Backup Dribble Drill Full Court
Author:FE Administrator
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All players have a ball. O1 & O2 start by speed dribbling to the first cone. Here they stop and take two backup dribbles keeping the ball low, and then dribble to the next cone, before taking off with a speed dribble to the third cone. Here they repeat their backup dribbles, go to the fourth corner, and finish with a strong layup at the opposite basket. The next players (in this case O3 & O4) begin once their teammate in front has crossed the halfway line (in this case O1 & O2).
Goals / purpose / skills
To improve players ability to use the backup dribble effectively.
Mirror the cones and lines, and have the players go up the left sideline. Have each player use two balls each.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Have the players keep their eyes on the basket they will be shooting their layup into out throughout their dribbling.
Players / Coaches
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