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DRILL "Passing/warm-up drill"
Title:Passing/warm-up drill
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Player 1 (with ball) is behind the baseline, to the left side of the basket. The other four players are placed in the four corners of the half court.

Player 1 passes to the player in the left corner, who passes to the player in the opposite corner, who passes across to the player at the opposite wing, who passes to the player at the other wing, who makes a simple lay-up.

All players follow the ball agressively after passing, as if to deflect the pass, lay-up... IMPORTANT ! We specifically ask our players not make the correct footwork when closing out/chasing the pass but never to make the deflection itself, since this would disrupt the flow of this warm-up drill.

Goals / purpose / skills
We use this drill to warm-up while executing a whole array of different passes. Also, we teach our players to move after passing and to challenge/close out on every occasion.
Use different passes (bounce, one-handed, skip, baseball,...)
Also, you can have the player in the left corner challenging the lay-up. Again, we ask our players to go up in the air with the player making the lay-up but NEVER to actually block the shot.
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