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DRILL "Help & Recover 2-2"
Title:Help & Recover 2-2
Author:FE Administrator
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Picture 1: O1 dribbles past X1 (passive defense at first). X2 helps off their man to stop O1.
Picture 2: The ball is passed out to O2, who takes a shot. X2 must recover from their help position to contest the shot. X1 & X2 must box out and finish the play.
Goals / purpose / skills
Work on help and recover, with correct positioning, footwork, closeout, and boxing out.
Allow O2 to dribble penetrate as well as shoot. Start from different spots on the floor.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
X2 must play honest UNTIL X1 is beat. Then they must help and recover, without over committing on their closeout and therefore fouling the jump shooter, a cardinal sin in basketball.
Players / Coaches
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