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DRILL "Wing Deny Drill"
Title:Wing Deny Drill
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This drill emphasises denying the pass to the offensive wing player. Deny both the pass to the V-cut outside and also deny the pass to the backcutting wing player. See Picture 1. You need a lot of balls for this drill. Your assistant or a manager makes the rapid fire pass to the wing V-cutting. X1 denies this pass by tipping it away with his right hand (on the right side of the court). Using that hand allows X1 to still see and stay with O1. If the other hand is used instead (incorrectly) and the deflection is missed, X1 is easily beaten by the backcut. After deflecting the pass to the V-cut, O1 makes the quick backcut toward the hoop and the assistant tries to make that pass. X1 tries to deflect that pass as well. A good defender will be able to deflect both the V-cut pass and the backcut pass. Each rotation features both passes. Players waiting in line can help supply balls to the passer (assistant).
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