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DRILL "One Dribble Drive w/ Defence"
Title:One Dribble Drive w/ Defence
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Players are positioned in two lines. O1 is in possession of the ball and starts to drive toward the free throw line. As O1 dribbles toward the free throw line, O2 fakes toward the basket and then comes back to receive the pass from O1 after player O1 stops. O2 receives the ball, turns and drives hard for a layup. X3 steps into his path to the basket just as O2 starts his drive. As X3 moves to stop O2's penetration, O2 stops, gains his balance and shoots a jump shot over X3. X3 rebounds and passes out to the line at the top of the key. O1 goes to the line on the wing, O2 goes to the defense line, X3 goes to the top of the key.
Goals / purpose / skills
O2 must regain his balance after stopping his dribble and jump up straight to avoid the defensive man as he takes the shot.
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