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DRILL "3-3 Defensive Rebounding to 5-0 to 5-5 Transition"
Title:3-3 Defensive Rebounding to 5-0 to 5-5 Transition
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Start with 3 players under the basket in a defensive position. Have 3 other players under the basket in an offensive position. The coach or a manager will have a ball. Place 2 guards on the outside in outlet pass position. When the ball is shot the defence has to block out to keep the 3 offensive players from getting the rebound. If for some reason there is an offensive rebound then defence has to play the ball until a basket is scored or they secure the rebound. Once the defence gets the rebound or a basket is scored they must get it to their outlet. The drill will continue down the court where the 5 players (2 outlets and 3 that were defending the rebound) will run their fast break or any other play that may have been called. Once they have put the ball through the basket at the other end they will come back up the court where the drill started and play against 5 defensive players who have stepped up to play them.
Goals / purpose / skills
This drill is designed to help practice rebounding into outlet pass to start the transition game. Rebounding, outlet pass, transition.
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Tips / Hints / Emphasis
The coach will have to let the players know which play to run at the opposite end and let the defence know which defence to play when it is 5v5. Also make sure the outlet players are moving to the ball.
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