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DRILL "Snake"
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Teams of 4 minimum line up in a straight line one behind the other at the baseline.
The ball will start at the front of the queue.
The first player will pass the ball to the player behind by putting the ball between there legs.
When the ball is passed the second person will collect the ball then pass it over there head to the next person.
This will then alternate from between the legs to over the head until the last player catches the ball.
They will then dribble to the front of the queue and start the process again.
The aim of the drill is to get the team across the halfway line as quickly as possible by snaking through the above process.
Goals / purpose / skills
Goals: to get your team to the halfway line the quickest.
Purpose: to increase communication and teamwork skills
Skills: Passing
Instead of alternating between the legs and behind the head, you can add round the waist left and round the waist right (this will be quicker but will be more complex as the players will try to go as fast as they can).
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
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