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DRILL "2-2 Using 1/3 Width of the Court"
Title:2-2 Using 1/3 Width of the Court
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Two offensive and two defensive players will begin on the baseline. O1 will inbound the ball to O2 as they are defended. The ball must be inbounded between the baseline and the free throw line extended. The players then play 2v2 full court. If the defence gets a rebound or a steal, they take the ball to to the opposite basket. If the offence scores, the ball is inbounded and defence becomes offence/offence becomes defence.
Goals / purpose / skills
To work on techniques of getting open to receive the inbounds pass against pressure. 2v2 full court.
Variations There are no data
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Transition offensive play and defensive pressure. Defensive players should stay at or below the level of the ball.
Players / Coaches
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