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DRILL "Rebounding round"
Title:Rebounding round
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Two teams with the players intercalated in random positions (not necessary in man-to-man assignements) round in the free throw circle.

Diagram 1): The players run in circle, the coach shoot to rebound.

Diagram 2): The defensive team boxing out for the rebound.

If the rebound is catch by a offensive player he finishes the action.

Diagram 3): If the rebound is catch for a defensive player, or made basket, the defense run to fast break and the offensive players run the defensive transition.
Goals / purpose / skills
Boxing out for the rebound in defense and crash the boards in offense.

Offensive transition in team order (concepts or plays).

Defensive transition in team order (concepts or plays).
Variations There are no data
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
War for the rebound by all players (bigs or smalls).

Immediate changing of roles when the situations is finished.

Good first pass or inbound the ball for the fast break.

Good positions when runs the fast break (wings runs in open position, trailer/s runs for his channels).

Organized defensive transition.
Players / Coaches
Age Group

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