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DRILL "Cone Attack w/ Crossover Dribble"
Title:Cone Attack w/ Crossover Dribble
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Dribbling - One Ball Change of Direction Dribbling Fundamentals
Players are positioned in a single line at half court, and each player has a ball. A cone or chair is positioned at the top of the free throw circle. O1 dribbles very quickly towards the basket and uses a crossover dribble to move past the cone/chair and go in for a layup. O1 gets his own rebound and dribbles back to the line at half court.
Goals / purpose / skills
Players should protect the ball when making the crossover dribbling. The dribbler should use head, shoulder and eye fakes while approaching the cone/chair. Players should make a quick step past the cone/chair after the crossover has been made. Players should make a strong accurate move to the basket.
Use different kinds of moves e.g. body fake, in+out dribbling, behind the back, between the legs, stop+go, spin move, hesitation dribbling, etc. Use different kinds of finishing moves to the basket e.g. Power move, jump shot, etc.
Tips / Hints / Emphasis
Work always at full speed.
Players / Coaches
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