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The FIBA Europe Coaching Certificate (FECC) programme offers coaches from around Europe the unique opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business. 

The certificate focuses on the areas important in the identification and development of young talent, while offering an opportunity to network with other coaches and complete a programme that will increase their chances of finding a job.

Mentored by Svetislav Pesic, the winning coach of multiple European and World Championship titles, the FECC is built around clinics held during FIBA Europe Youth Championships.

Coaches have the opportunity to spend time in the gym watching games and practices while also analyzing game video using cutting edge computer software, all under the watchful eye of the FECC Project Group which includes Pesic as well as other experienced coaches from around Europe.

Run over a period of two years participants are also given homework and specific tasks between clinics and are lectured on off-the-court subjects such as nutrition and doping control.

FECC Videos

2013 FECC IV Kyiv Highlights 

2013 FECC III Tallinn Highlights 

2012 FECC III Vilnius Highlights

2011 FECC III Pardubice Highlights

2011 FECC II Bilbao Video Highlights

2011 FECC II Pablo Laso Interview

2010 FECC II Vilnius Video Highlights

2009 FECC II Kaunas Video Highlights

2009 FECC I Rhodes Video Highlights

2008 FECC I Pyrgos M. Schwarz Video Interview

2008 FECC I Pyrgos S. Pesic Video Interview

2008 FECC I Pyrgos Video Highlights

2007 FECC I Crete Videohighlights

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